Is your region - Almaty?
Is your region - Almaty?

Virtual PBX

The office is located at the same place as you are!

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Do you promptly require a business-class telephone connection and without capital costs?

The virtual PBX from KazTransCom will assist in the shortest possible time, bypassing the purchase of expensive equipment to provide the office with telephonу connection receiving a fully configured and ready-to-operate business class PBX, deployed on the operator's resources.

Virtual PBX is suitable for organizations of any size who do not have the opportunity or the desire to build their own PBX system, as well as organizations already having an office PBX in their structure but willing to get additional functionality.

The service combines telephony and various applications into a common integrated structure that will allow you to raise the productivity of your personnel, increase sales and lower operating costs.

The service performs the following tasks:


Deployment of telephone office connection and functional of the business class office PBX within few days


Ready, configured office PBX working on the resources of the KazTransCom operator of communication


Telephone network with a common numbering and free communication between the offices all over the world


Connection of employees working remotely from any part of the world to the corporate network


Wide choice of subscriber devices: SIP phones, software installed on workstations or mobile devices


Reducing the cost of technical personnel serving PBX. Tech support is carried out by specialists of KazTransCom

How does it work

Virtual PBX is fully implemented on the KazTransCom side. To get started with the cloud-based PBX you do not need to buy any telephone exchange equipment. Also, there is no need to deploy new telephone lines since the virtual PBX works exclusively on the basis of the existing network and allows you to create an office or workplace anywhere in Kazakhstan. The service is implemented by allocating and isolating resources on the SoftSwitch Class 5 carrier-class platform with full redundancy of all hardware and software modules. On the client side only the final equipment is installed: IP telephones, voice gateways or soft phones.

Additional services

Client Benefits


Integration of the organization's branches into a common corporate IP telephone network with a common numbering plan and free calls within the network.


A common number for all incoming calls, IVR menu and an answering machine will help to be even closer to your clients.

24/7 Priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock monitoring of the network, technical and information support allow to eliminate technical problems in the shortest time.


Absence of expenses for purchase, configuration and technical support of the equipment and running software.


Minimal loss of incoming calls due to call forwarding between internal numbers.


Ability to create a budget call center (Call center) in the shortest time, without additional costs.


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the tariff plan and additional services.

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