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Burstable Internet

A new level of speed and development of your business

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A guaranteed data channel with the possibility of increasing the speed tenfold.

The service allows you to exceed the minimum speed limit of access to the Internet, save on unused network resources when the Bandwidth usage is minimal and ensure the stable operation of corporate IT applications.

In a rapidly growing load on the decentralized IT systems of large Internet players and corporate companies with a large amount of data transfer around the world, the Internet connection speed is of critical importance. Peak loads reaching the threshold values of the data transmission channel can significantly affect the performance of a company and its partners.

Burstable Internet is an economically justified choice of an effective manager, which allows to reduce the company's expenses, and to increase the speed of data transmission on the Internet several-fold, exactly when it is necessary. The PayaAsYouGo service model is a perfect solution for companies that need periodic high-speed connections to the network with minimal financial costs.

The service performs the following tasks:


An opportunity to reduce the financial costs associated with the lease of a permanent high-speed Internet access


An opportunity to exceed the minimum guaranteed speed limit for the transfer of information without entering into additional contracts and carrying out technical works


An opportunity to set the maximum speed limit for forecasting the financial costs of a company


An opportunity to choose different models of services acquisition and tariffication according to your desire

How does it work

By connecting the Burstable Internet tariff plan, you get the minimum guaranteed bandwidth of the traffic at a fixed rate, which can be 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s, depending on the needs of your company._x000D_ Further, in the process of using the service, with increasing load on the channel, the speed of Internet access will be limited not by the minimum, but by the maximum bandwidth, for example, 500 Mbit/s. The maximum bandwidth is set according to your request._x000D_ In case of exceeding the speed of the minimum guaranteed bandwidth, your company will be charged an additional bill for the service, depending on the size of the excess. For example, if the speed of the minimum guaranteed bandwidth is exceeded by 200 Mbit/s, the excess bill will be equal to 200 Mbit/s * 0.95._x000D_ Tariffication can be carried out on a daily or monthly basis, depending on your desire.

Additional services

Client Benefits

Unlimited Internet

No limits on information downloading or channel bandwidth.


No restrictions on the peak increase in the speed of network access. You can exchange information at higher speeds for a few minutes or a whole month.

Channel reservation

Guaranteed maximum bandwidth is constantly reserved for your company.

Symmetrical traffic

Symmetrical Internet channels provide full bidirectional data transmission at higher speeds, allow to create VPN virtual private networks between your offices, use VoIP telephony and use videoconferencing.

Business Class Service

Low traffic latency and high network performance are provided by the private backbone network and ring topology of city networks, ensuring a high level of service and redundancy (SLA 99.95%).

24/7 Priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support allow to eliminate technical problems in the shortest time.


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the tariff plan and additional services.

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