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Protection against DDoS-attacks

Effective detection and resistance of any DDoS-attacks level. We stand on guard over your business.

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Do you want to protect your company from DDoS attacks and ensure the stable operation of corporate IT systems?

The "Protection against DDoS-attacks" service will ensure the reliability and continuity of your business. The network is built to work under the constant impact of DDoS attacks with a total capacity of up to 2Tb/s.

As of today, DDoS-attack is one of the main threats for companies conducting their business on the Internet. The most common attacks are corporate websites, Internet stores, corporate mail servers and news resources. Apart from damage to financial component of your business, DDoS attack can also entail reputational losses and outflow of clients from your company.

As attacks grow in frequency and duration, it is essential to provide quality and effective protection for your business. The "Protection against DDoS-attacks" service from KazTransCom will ensure stable and continuous operation of Internet resources and network infrastructure of any company size. At the time of DDoS-attack, we guarantee the availability of your network equipment and servers by 99.5%.

The service performs the following tasks:


Service activation is carried out within a few hours, including directly at the time of the attack


Detection and Prevention of any DDoS-attacks level


Budget savings for the maintenance of qualified IT specialists, hardware and software


Our engineers will connect and configure the service as promptly as possible, without involving your IT specialists


Ensuring stable and continuous operation of Internet resources and network infrastructure of your company

How does it work

The "Protection against DDoS-attacks" service round-the-clock monitors the incoming traffic of your Internet resources, detects threats and, in the presence of a DDoS attack, automatically and independently triggers the filtering mechanism, changing the route of all subnet traffic for clearing in an intelligent filtering network. Furthermore, the client's person in charge receives instant notification about the beginning and the end of the attack via SMS and email. At the end of the attack, the system automatically returns the optimal traffic routes to the attacked client subnet.

Additional services

Client Benefits


The service is fully implemented on the KazTransCom side and you do not need to install any additional hardware or software.

Real -Time Protection

From the moment of service activation, resource is under continuous system protection.


Guaranteed availability of your network equipment and servers during the DDoS attack at 99.5%.

Network analysis

Ongoing analysis and filtering of all currently existing DDoS attacks. Proactive response to new types of threats.

System notifications

Instant information on the beginning of a DDoS-attack via SMS and email.

24/7 Priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support.


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the choice of tariff plan and additional services.

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