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Analysis of DPI Internet traffic

Connect to the DPI service - Improve the effectiveness of your organization.

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DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) - is a service that analyzes Internet traffic, manage it and collect statistical information.

By managing the traffic of your organization you increase its effectiveness.

By connecting the DPI service you will be able to: restrict access to inappropriate websites, ensure the efficiency of corporate network services, increase the efficiency of using your employees' time, collect statistics on visiting Internet resources.

Using DPI service combined with the Wi-Fi kSpot service you get a reliable marketing tool for analyzing the behavior of your customers in the network, their interests and hobbies for subsequent planning effective marketing campaigns to promote your products and services.

The service performs the following tasks:


Statistical data collection is performed on the use of Internet traffic by protocols and directions for subsequent analysis and assistance in troubleshooting the network


Reduces the amount of misuse of Internet traffic on your network providing the performance of business-critical applications


Prevents the use of the Internet for any purpose other than the intended use or violate the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Traffic filtering can be carried out by categories and specific websites


By limiting access to entertainment sites increases the efficiency of employees working time


Allows you to analyze and implement proper planning of network development

How does it work

The DPI service recognizes traffic according to pre-established criteria, collects statistical information and allows you to work with it in real time. The DPI service is designed in such a way that it provides a minimum latency when processing any traffic volumes. If you want to control the access of users to entire categories of prohibited websites, you can use constantly updated thematic groups, numbering more than 500 million websites. The service also supports "White" and "Black" lists for more fine-tuning of filtering rules.

Additional services

Client Benefits

Smart filtering

Blocking traffic of applications allowing you to bypass the network's defense mechanisms including anonymizer websites. The ability to block certain pages without blocking the entire resource.


The service is fully implemented on the KazTransCom side and you do not need to install any additional hardware or software.

Filtering lists

Availability of pre-installed, updated lists of filtering prohibited for viewing Internet resources, with the possibility of manual adjustments. Policies of white and black lists.


Possibility to manage the service from any part of the world via the Internet.

Connection speed

The service is connected within a few hours.

Full control

Control over Internet resources, domain names, websites, dates and protocols.


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the tariff plan and additional services.

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