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kSpot box is a ready-made solution with pre-installed settings of a public Wi-Fi network with SMS authorization. Purchase an online service and easily use all the advantages of kSpot box.

Perfect for institutions or organizations that have a small area and want to provide themselves with high-quality Wi-Fi network with SMS authorization at affordable rates. The service supports network speed up to 100 Mb/s and up to 15 simultaneous client connections.

According to Order No. 234 of the Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 28, 2018, a user needs to pass authorization at a network of the public access point to the Internet or service provider by subscriber number by receiving an SMS with a one-time personal identifier (password) or by submitting a document of identification.

Other authorization methods do not meet the requirements of the legislation. These rules apply to all public places that provide Internet access services. For non-compliance with these rules, the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for administrative fines imposed on business owners.

The service performs the following tasks:


Personalized delivery of advertising and informational messages to users when they connect to a Wi-Fi network and SMS messages outside the network of your establishment


Connection of a service in any point of Kazakhstan within several days


Information about the users of the Wi-Fi network of your establishment will allow you to conduct effective marketing campaigns, attracting new customers


Authorization of your customers via SMS when connecting to a Wi-Fi network, according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The solution is designed specifically to provide Wi-Fi network for small public establishments.


The equipment with the pre-installed service settings allows you to organize a Wi-Fi network as soon as possible by simply connecting the equipment

How does it work

To purchase the "kSpot box" service you need to register in your personal account, or go through authorization if you are already a user of your personal account. Next you need to select the necessary amount of equipment, then make a purchase using a Bank Card (VISA, MC, AMEX) or directly through the Bank to the bank account. After the equipment has been delivered, simply connect the device to the Internet. The kSpot box works when accessing the Internet from any Telecom operator. The maximum number of simultaneous connections depends on the bandwidth of the Internet Operator's channel, limiting the coverage area to 10-15 meters.

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Client Benefits


Favorable economical rates for small businesses. Unified fixed cost of SMS messages, including international destinations.


Possibility to generate unique passwords for accessing a Wi-Fi network in your account.

24/7 priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support.

Personal account

Service management and work with information in a convenient interactive form. Statistics of SMS messages, user's interests, number of visits, gender, age, device.


Individual approach to each customer, free branding of the start page, affordable rates for small businesses.


The cost of the service depends on the selected SMS package.

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