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Is your region - Almaty?

Office Light Pack

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Are you opening a new office or branch of the company? Do you need Internet and telephone services at the best rates?

The Office Light pack includes everything you need for a modern office.

With this pack, you can connect to the Internet, connect telephony services in a convenient format and deploy a wireless Wi-Fi network for your business quick start.

The pack is a perfect solution for small and medium-sized business owners, companies opening new offices or changing the location of the office with the task to resume normal work of the company as soon as possible.

The service performs the following tasks:


Internet access


Office Wi-Fi network


Access to the service "Fixed telephone line"


Long distance and international calls


Access to the "Virtual PBX" service


Access to the "P-ONE" service

How does it work

By purchasing the "Office Light" pack, you become the owner of all necessary telecommunication services from one source, save your time and get high-quality corporate-grade service. You can choose any type of telephony services that meet the requirements of your company. "Fixed telephone line", "Virtual PBX", "P-ONE" you can use only one service or all services at once depending on your business specifics.

Additional services

Analysis of DPI Internet traffic      kServer      Wi-Fi kSpot      P-ONE     

Client Benefits

Easy to connect

Thanks to the Office Light pack, you get an opportunity to connect all the most necessary telecommunication services at once and deploy a Wi-Fi network in your office for immediate start of your company's work.

24/7 Priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support allow to eliminate technical problems in the shortest time.

Business Class Service

Low traffic latency and high network performance are provided by the private backbone network and ring topology of city networks, ensuring a high level of service and redundancy (SLA 99.95%).


Connection of services, allocation and maintenance of one IP-address free of charge

Favorable tariffs

All necessary services are collected in a single pack, the most favorable rates, simplicity and convenience of connection.


The cost of the pack is calculated individually, depending on the Internet connection speed.

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