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E1 and SIP-T Digital stream

Business class telephony by KazTransCom covers the full range of tasks of modern business.

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The service allows you to organize high-quality and reliable telephone communication, reduce monthly expenses for long distance and international calls, scale the numbering capacity and conduct several simultaneous conversations on a common subscriber number.

Digital stream (Е1 or SIP-T) is the perfect solution for large organizations, administrative and business centers. This service allows you to connect an unlimited amount of numbers and make any amount of simultaneous calls. For each conversation, the necessary bandwidth is reserved, which eliminates the lack of voice lines.

On the basis of this decision, you can arrange a Call Center with a single multi-line telephone with call distribution within the organization. You can also easily and quickly scale the number capacity, in case of increasing amount of employees.

The service performs the following tasks:


Multiplexing of data, voice and video into one single communication channel, you only need to have an Internet connection to use the SIP-T services


High scalability of the system. Adding the required amount of channels to SIP-T will take just a couple of hours and it will allow you to receive even more calls from potential customers


Using SIP-T, you no longer need to purchase and maintain VoIP gateways. Incoming and outgoing connections are made directly via the SIP protocol


Reduce the cost of long distance and international calls


Support for telephone conversations along with data exchange between applications


Deploy telephony for any enterprise operatively and with maximum efficiency

How does it work

To connect the E1 stream, a client needs to have an office telephone station with digital E1 ports, or a multiplexer. Depending on the technical conditions, the service can be offered using the following communication lines: copper lines, fiber optic communication lines, pre-WiMAX, WiMAX, radio-relay lines, satellite systems. SIP-T are telephone lines that are sent to you via an IP network through the SIP protocol. KazTransCom connects one or more voice channels to your office PBX using a universal IP network for communication, replacing the usual telephone lines, allowing organizations not only to maintain communication via fixed and mobile channels, but also enables the transfer of video and instant messages. Another type of SIP-T, is a virtual channel between two IP automatic telephone stations, geographically remote from each other. By connecting two remote IP automatic telephone stations, you get the opportunity to organize a common internal number capacity in remote branches and use common external lines for outgoing and incoming calls.

Additional services

Client Benefits

Business Class Service

High quality SIP-T is provided by its private backbone network and ring topology of city networks, ensuring a high level of service and redundancy (SLA 99.95%).


SIP-T is not tied to the physical location of your organization. You can change the office, while retaining your old number.

24/7 Priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support allow to eliminate technical problems in the shortest time.

Additional services

Using digital streams E1 and SIP-T you get access to a wide range of additional services.


A lower subscription fee for voice channels compared to traditional wired connection and free calls within the network.


Fraud management system constantly monitors SIP-T activity and blocks calls when suspicious actions occur.


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the tariff plan and additional services.

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