Is your region - Almaty?
Is your region - Almaty?


Calls to your favorite city from any part o the world!

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P-ONE is a unique service of KazTransCom, which allows you to reduce the cost of international calls creating the effect of a virtual presence in your chosen city anywhere in the world.

Can be purchased online.

This is a perfect solution for individual entrepreneurs and company executives, people spending a lot of time on business trips or studying away from home.

With the direct P-ONE number it is not necessary to use mobile network forwarding and roaming. Communication is carried out by means of access to the Internet.

Calls are carried out through the direct city number registered in one of the cities of Kazakhstan, using a small software solution (IP gateway) and access to the Internet.

The service performs the following tasks:


Simultaneous connection of several direct numbers from different cities of Kazakhstan with a common voice IP-gateway


Savings on long distance and international communications, calls are charged as city calls wherever you are and all incoming calls are free of charge


The effect of virtual presence in your chosen city regardless of your real location, you only need an Internet access


If you change the office location, you retain your number as the number is not tied to a geographical location of your company.


It allows you to purchase an unlimited ammount of city numbers without leaving the office.


Calls of the service can be arranged both from traditional telephone sets and from the computer or mobile device of the subscriber.

How does it work

You are provided with six-digit or seven-digit number of your choice registered in one of the cities of Kazakhstan. Later you need to configure the client device by yourself or with the assistance of KazTransCom specialists, which can be a voice IP-gateway, a SIP-phone, an IP-phone or a Softphone installed on a personal computer, laptop, mobile phone or smartphone. In order to start using the service and all its advantages you only need to connect to the Internet. For subscribers calling from the city where the P-ONE customer number is registered, the "direct telephone number" does not have a city code or country code. In this case the owner of the number can be located anywhere in the world with the Internet access and can make "local" calls, call the city's subscribers, where his/her "P-ONE" number is registered as well as answer calls without any additional charges.

Additional services

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Client Benefits

Connection speed

Fast and convenient receipt of six or seven-digit city number with the possibility of using additional benefits of the service. Connection will take no more than five minutes.

Home office

The ability to quickly and easily connect to home offices, using pre-configured media gateways.

Devices selection

The ability to select the end-user subscriber devices (voice IP-gateway, IP-phone, softphone (Softphone)).


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the tariff plan and additional services.

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