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Choose the licensed software at affordable prices.

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Are you planning to reduce the cost on purchasing software?

The kSoft service allows you to subscribe to Microsoft software products under the SPLA license for use with the cloud-based kServer service.

Flexible licensing with the kSoft service allows to vary the number of licenses for software products when the number of users changes to a greater or lesser extent.

KSoft is the purchase of software by subscription, which allows you not to overpay and to acquire exactly the number of licenses that is necessary to solve the tasks at the current time.

The service performs the following tasks:


Reducing the cost of purchasing expensive software


Different types of licensing by users and processor cores


Access to new versions of software products at the old prices

How does it work

Deploy the necessary operating system image, install the necessary software, activate the license, and use all the benefits of Microsoft products.

Additional services

Client Benefits

Convenient licensing

The ability to license software based on processor cores or users allows you to choose the type of licensing that is convenient for your organization. An increase in the number of active users does not always lead to an increase in software costs.

Latest Product Versions

Access to the latest versions of Microsoft products with the possible use of previous versions (the right to downgrade).

Control over investments

Transfer of capital investments into operating expenses. Investments in software are always predictable and under your complete control. To get started with the SPLA does not require a down payment or advance payment.


Availability of trial licenses for demonstration, testing and administration of software within three months.


A wide selection of Microsoft software products favours in realization of the most ambitious projects in your organization.


The cost of the kServer service is calculated individually, depending on the number and type of licenses.

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