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DNS Filtering

Secure Internet at DNS queries level

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DNS Filtering & mdash; A cloud-based service that allows you to manage the Internet traffic of your organization's network connections.

Traffic management is a step towards a secure Internet.

Using the DNS Filtering service with Internet connections of any operator you can: restrict access to unwanted sites at the level of DNS queries, ensure the efficiency of corporate network services by reducing the load on communication channels, and increase the efficiency of using your employees' time.

Using the service, you can work with white and black lists, apply filtering policies to networks or certain IP addresses, and redirect DNS queries to the directions you choose. Filtering rules can be activated at certain times of the day, and the service is managed in your personal account through a convenient graphical interface.

The service performs the following tasks:


The filtering implementation at a certain times of day


Traffic filtering at the DNS query level according to the rules specified by the client


DNS queries redirect to the IP addresses set by you


Reduces the amount of un-targeted Internet traffic in your network, ensuring the efficiency of business-critical applications


Prevents the use of the Internet for any purpose other than designated use or violating the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Increases the efficiency of the use of working time by your employees, by limiting access to entertainment websites

How does it work

In order to use the service, the IT administrator needs to make changes to the settings of the network devices, specifying the KazTransCom server's DNS, on the router or other network equipment, as the primary and alternative DNS server(s). Next, in your account, you need to configure filtering rules and apply them to networks or IP addresses of your company.

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Client Benefits

Easy management

Possibility to manage the service from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Full control

Control over Internet resources, domain names, time and date.

Connection speed

The service is connected within a few hours.

Smart filtering

Block the traffic of applications that allow you to bypass the protection mechanisms of the network, including anonymizer websites. The possibility to block certain pages, without blocking the whole resource.


The service is fully implemented on the KazTransCom side, you do not need to install any additional hardware or software.

Filtering lists

Pre-installed, updated filtering lists of Internet resources prohibited for viewing, with the possibility of manual adjustments. Policies of white and black lists.


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the tariff plan and additional services.

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