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Online assistant

You can increase sales without leaving the office.

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The Online Assistant Service is an interactive channel of communication with customers on your website.

Communication with your clients online and the information about visitors is only a part of the service capabilities that will bring your company's sales to a new level, due to a sales strategy correctly chosen.

The Service is an additional channel of communication between site visitors and company managers. Consultation of clients, as an integral part of the sales process, can increase the chances of goods or services sale by 30-50%.

Using both services Online Assistant and Call on the Site you can increase the chances that your clients will contact you in a convenient way and get a response faster than your competitors will answer, and will choose to buy your goods and services.

The service performs the following tasks:


A consultation of buyers about goods and services in real time will be an opportunity to offer a discount, a special offer or to inform the visitor about the soonest arrival of goods at the warehouse.


Collection of information about visitors of the site, storage of messages of each customer, Google Analytics, UTM-tags, for more effective marketing companies.


An opportunity of the operator to work with several different sites, transfer the customer to another manager or create a working group, optimize the work of operators and increase customers’ loyalty.


An opportunity to create and use prompt messages and preset response templates according to sales scripts will increase the inquiry processing rate and reduce the number of operators employed, allowing you to optimize staff costs.


Hidden control of site visitors will allow you to know which pages of the site they visited, what they typed before sending the message, and will also support for multiple languages, expand the coverage of users and markets of your company.


An exchange of files between customers and managers of your company will increase sales by timely provision of the additional information on goods and services, transfer a commercial offer or invoice for payment to a potential customer.

How does it work

After the service is activated in the personal account, the Widget script will be sent to the specified e-mail, which you want to add to the web-site. After adding the code, the Contact center shall switch on the WEB ONLINE mode. After making these changes on the web-site there will be a button by clicking on which the visitor can start a chat or leave a message.

Additional services

Fixed Internet      kServer      Virtual PBX     

Client Benefits

Proactive invitations

Proactive invitations will allow you to invite a visitor to a dialogue by showing a window with a suggestion for help, order a callback or a window with the agent's avatar, name, position and name of the Department. The visitors of your site can also themselves contact the operator they likes or already knows by selecting an operator by the avatar.

Spell check

Spelling will be checked by regular means of the browser or application to facilitate the work of operators, eliminating the possibility of mistakes in the answers to customers.

Chat between employees

Chat between employees will allow operators to solve business issues in internal chat with employees of the company, simultaneously consulting visitors. The ability to create working groups will allow to solve complex situations promptly requiring the involvement of specialists of different profiles.


Departments will allow you to group employees of your company according to their functional responsibilities, if requested, the name of Department, along with the name, surname and avatar of the employee will be visible to the visitor of the web site, helping to choose the operator for calling.

Active operators

You can enter an unlimited number of employees in the system, but only pay for the number of licenses, for the number of active operators involved in a single moment of time.


Notification system will inform the operators of the Contact center of the chat which remains unanswered. If the visitor is still on the web-site, you can open a dialogue with him immediately, or contact the specified visitor by a phone number or e-mail.


The cost will be calculated individually depending on the number of selected operators and additional services.

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