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A virtual server is equal in functionality to a physical server located in the company office but with an unlimited amount of computing resources and a service life.

Transform your business by implementing innovative solutions based on kServer cloud servers.

You can deploy any number of virtual servers with different configuration and power in the virtual space of kCloud.

In the process you can change the kServer configuration both upward or downward without the need to reinstall the operating system or applications.

The service performs the following tasks:


Reduction of capital expenditures for the purchase of server equipment


Safety and security of your data in enterprise-grade Data Processing Centers


Full or partial transfer of existing IT solutions to the cloud


Scaling of costs for computational resources both upward or downward


The ability to deploy the IT system within a few hours and get started including the utilization of your own operating system images


Access to the servers at any time from any part of the world

How does it work

After selecting the desired volume of your company's computing resources, you can create one or more virtual servers of different configurations and combine them into a subnet or be completely isolated from the external environment. Setup and startup of servers is performed through a convenient control panel within a few minutes. If necessary, the certified KazTransCom specialists provide technical support for startup and configuration of cloud servers.

Additional services

Protection against DDoS-attacks      kNetwork      Fixed Internet      kSoft     

Client Benefits


Payment is subject to exactly the amount of resources that has been reserved for your company, you no longer need to invest in physical servers for years to come.


Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support can eliminate the technical problems in the shortest time. Guaranteed 99,98% availability of kCloud cloud servers.

Ease of migration

You can migrate physical servers to the cloud environment of kCloud and start working immediately using your own operating system images.

Enterprise-grade equipment

The service is fully implemented by the enterprise-grade Cisco equipment.

Technical support

If necessary, certified specialists of KazTransCom will provide technical support for the launch and configuration of your cloud servers.


Ability to use a variety of different operating systems including your own build.


The cost of kServer is calculated individually, depending on the volume of computing resources and additional services.

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