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Is your region - Almaty?


L2 VPN guarantees Fully Connected Network Topology, ensuring the maximum availability of all branches of the company.

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L2 VPN allows you to connect physically distributed branches of the organization via KazTransCom network, reproducing the conditions of the local network (LAN).

The service provides transparency, allowing clients to deploy their private networks without any coordination from KazTransCom. L2 VPN is a reliable, flexible, scalable and cost-effective alternative to traditional network topologies using TDM channels.

The data transmission is carried out via Ethernet technology (Layer2). The protected channels are used for information transfer, at the speed up to 10 Gbit/s.

Republican and regional L2 VPNs are built via KazTransCom's IP / MPLS network. City L2 VPNs are organized on city Carrier Ethernet networks.

The service performs the following tasks:


Using L2 VPN with low latency, telecommunication operators can create a single infrastructure for geographically dispersed branches with transparent IP addressing


Secure exchange of confidential information between remote branches via a secure channel. L2 VPN is logically separated from public networks, the client traffic is completely protected from unauthorized access from outside


L2 VPN networks: peer-to-peer (point-to-point), distributed network (full-mesh), centralized network (hub-and-spoke)


Independent installation and prioritization of the traffic of a particular business application


VLAN settings can be changed without the participation of KazTransCom specialists

How does it work

By connecting your equipment (switch or router) to the switch of KazTransCom, you transfer your data, voice, video and all important information within a single network. L2 VPN unites your branches into a single network of a suitable configuration: peer-to-peer (point-to-point) connection of two branches. Distributed network (full-mesh), information exchange between all offices directly. Centralized network (hub-and-spoke), the infrastructure is concentrated on one main site and all data is transferred through it between the branches.

Additional services

Client Benefits

Symmetrical traffic

Guaranteed bandwidth of L2 VPN networks and redundancy of backbone data channels will allow to transfer any volumes and types of traffic (voice, data, video) with minimum delay and jitter.


Guaranteed availability of the service, 99.5%.


The opportunity to rapidly increase the bandwidth of the L2 VPN channel. There is no need for KazTransCom engineers to enter your office to reconfigure the equipment or expand its capacity.


In terms of functionality, L2 VPN service is an adequate alternative to traditional dedicated TDM communication channels.

24/7 Priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support.


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the tariff plan and additional services.

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