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Lead Generator

You can increase sales without leaving the office.

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The Lead Generator service and a new level of communication with customers on your website.

The service will allow you to accept applications and collect contacts of visitors to the web-site 24 hours a day, when operators are busy or offline.

The main task of the Lead Generator is to get the visitor's contacts in case if the operator can not contact the customer right now. The service is an additional channel of communication between site visitors and managers of the company, increasing the number of incoming flow of applications.

Using the service you can increase the conversion of the purchase funnel and increase the chance of buying a product or service in your store, thanks to the ability to accept orders outside of working hours. You can use pop-up scripts to attract customers when the operators are offline.

The service performs the following tasks:


Submit of applications from customers outside of working hours using a special, pop-up custom form for further processing.


The generation of pop-up messages offering customers to contact the operator or leave contacts if all operators are offline.


Automatic pop-up offers to place an application to customers who meet the criteria of “interested visitor” on the site.

How does it work

After the service is activated in your personal account, the Widget script that you want to add on the web-site will be sent to the specified e-mail. After you add the code, you shall configure the offer, form, and behavior of the Lead Generator for the entire website or its individual pages in the Contact center. After making these changes, the visitors of the web-site according to the script will be offered a form for contacts. The collected leads are available in the Contact center in reports and e-mail.

Additional services

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Client Benefits

Targeted involvement

Allows you to customize different offers, visitors to different landing pages.


Allows you to customize various offers, visitors to different landing pages.

Custom template

Allows you to use different forms to fill, adapting the Lead Generator to the appropriate audience.


The data collected will be available in the Contact center, sent to the operators' e-mail, as well as in the Excel report.

Automatic playback

By placing several images to the popup form simultaneously, you will be able to attract the attention of customers, creating an animation effect, developing individual offers.


The service is automatically configured to send events to Analytics systems for assessing the level of visitors conversion.


The cost shall be calculated individually depending on the number of selected operators and additional services.

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